Fan Concept: Goblin Druid

-Goblins of this variety belong to Blizzard, obviously! this is a fan concept-

Another World of Warcraft fan-project to pass the time... I've wondered since playing (Gobs are my favorite Horde race) what their Druid forms might look like. Now I could speculate as to why they might qualify as druids if they're... yknow, very environmentally unfriendly, but I have this concept of them being infused with too much kaja'mite due to some questionable experimentation. Think mutants that are literally riddled with kaja'mite crystals.

First up is the bear form. As a theme I drew from their NYC-urban sort of roots, and what came to mind was our favorite trash-panda. To scale I still imagine them to be small, but very mighty. And spikey.

October 30, 2019